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Press and exhibitions


FREER IN BERLIN - NEW FEMININITY, Studio Blender & Co., 2016

Annenberg Space for Photography, Los Angeles october 2016 - february 2017

“A story the world needs to see”, at Berlin’s Feminist Film Week 2017

Studio 183 x Kaltblut, Berlin Fashion Week 2018

“Come as you are” at St. Georg, Berlin, 2018

WHOLE Festival, Gremminer See, 2018

Melkweg Expo, Amsterdam  2019

Kaalo 101, Kathmandu 2019

P7 Gallery, Berlin 2019


“How girls see the world”, Rizzoli New York

“Pics or it didn’t happen” by Arvida Bistrom,  Prestel Usa

“R/BELLE” by Marzia de Clerq, Centauria Libri


i-D, Indie, Schon, Musée, Teen Vogue, Visceral8, Curieux Magazine, Frontseat,

Placidamente, Nakid, Splendor and more.


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